KesteR LiMNeR


Hospice Illustration for Lita

2014 — digital pencil and digital watercolor

My son's great-grandmother Lita passed away after a short battle with an inoperable brain tumor. She was a beautiful, charming, deeply spiritual woman. When Lita was a young woman, she had bright red hair, and her nickname was "red". She had three daughters and a son, who are all depicted. She also had many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and she prayed for each one every day by name.

Before her death, I designed this illustration for her and sent her a framed copy, and she was able to enjoy it in her final days. These scriptures and images were meant to be both an encouragement to her in her final illness, and also a celebration of her life of faith, hope, and love. As an artist, I was greatly honored to be a part of her journey into death and the life beyond.