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St. Brigid and St. Patrick

Pencil and digital collage — 2015

This ikon depicts Ireland's two most beloved saints.

The iconography of St. Brigid is very interesting, because both the fire and the woven cross are symbols of the pre-Christian Goddess named Brigid. The historical Brigid, named after the Goddess, was a respected Abbess--a wise and powerful Christian woman who held authority over both monks and nuns. To this day, nuns in Ireland still keep a flame burning in honor of St. Brigid. Both St. Patrick and St. Brigid were able to blend elements of pagan Celtic wisdom into Christianity, showing that God's Spirit can work through all things and all people.

St. Brigid is shown standing on a sword, because legend has it that she freely gave away her rich father's jeweled sword to help the poor. St. Patrick is shown with the bishop's staff and a clover, and also with the ocean he traveled over as both a slave and a missionary.

Please feel free to download a hi-res version of this ikon for personal or liturgical use. If you would like to write your own version, here is the cartoon.All of my religious ikons are licensed with Creative Commons [Attribution + ShareAlike].