KesteR LiMNeR


St. Raphael Ikon

Acrylic — 2013

The archangel St. Raphael is traditionally shown holding a fish, as a reference to the story in the book of Tobit. In Eastern Orthodox iconography, angels are also often shown holding a transparent crystal sphere.

When my son was seven years old, his beta fish died suddenly due to a malfunction in the fishtank heating element. Because of other traumatizing things happening in our lives at the time, it was incredibly difficult for him to process this loss, and he cried every night for weeks about his lost fish 'Brogo'. So I painted this ikon in memory of Brogo, as a way to honor my son's grief and allow him to move through it.

Please feel free to download a hi-res version of this ikon for personal or liturgical use. If you like to write ikons, you can save a copy of the cartoon, and use it in your own paintings.

All of my religious ikons are licensed with Creative Commons [Attribution + ShareAlike].