KesteR LiMNeR


Theotokos, Help in Childbirth

Acrylic — 2015

This ikon is intended for use by midwives and birthing mothers. It's the only historical Eastern Orthodox ikon design where Mary is shown with uncovered hair. Possibly this is because it was only meant to be seen by women in the birthing room? The format of this ikon is traditional, but the umbilical cord is my own addition.

This particular ikon has been present for the birth of two babies, and I hope it will be a blessing for many more.

Please feel free to download a hi-res version of this ikon for personal or liturgical use. If you like to write ikons, you can save a copy of the cartoon, and use it in your own paintings.

All of my religious ikons are licensed with Creative Commons [Attribution + ShareAlike].