KesteR LiMNeR


Mother and Child Ikon

Acrylic on Stone — 2015

When I make ikons, I give them away about as fast as I paint them, and often I forget to take pictures of them. This piece was a gift to my friend Justin, whose wife was due to give birth to their first child, and I did remember to quickly snap a few pictures with my phone before letting him take it. :-)

The canvas is a sedimentary rock I found in the Cle Elum river. The layers of stone have been worn away by the water to create a natural frame for the ikon. When I paint on rocks, I try to echo the shape and feeling of the individual stone. In this case, the rock is about the size and shape of the palm of your hand, and the space on top seemed like the perfect place for a dove descending on the Theotokos.

I love the Christ child's cute face and little stubby body in this icon. it makes me happy to look at it.