KesteR LiMNeR


Summoned Creature

Ink and marker — 2009-2011

Stella is just a typical teenage witch—who gets sucked into a different world of magic and adventure! That seems to happen a lot in manga for some reason. ;-) Sample chapters are available at

This was a personal project of mine that I started right before my son was diagnosed with leukemia. I tried to continue it during his 4 years of chemotherapy treatments, but it was difficult to find the time or the emotional bandwidth to tell Stella's story while experiencing such a drastic and intense chapter in our own story. I discovered that as my life was changing, the stories I had to tell were also changing, so I left Summoned Creature behind and began planning Lost Hearts instead. Some day I hope to circle back around to this story equipped with new layers of wisdom, and give these characters another chance to shine.